Celebrate community success and plan for the future

LINK, in partnership with the Wanaka Community Board, is hosting a community-wide conversation on the topic of growth – the opportunities it presents and the challenges we face.

There are two parts to the evening:

  1. information sharing to understand the current state of long term planning, tourism, and existing community-led projects
  2. interactive expo where you can connect with community leaders and groups, give your input or pitch a new idea

Registrations are essential.  Click the button below to register now.

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This is an education and an engagement event, developed as a follow-up to community feedback to our 3 Questions Survey that revealed a desire to explore the big issues of growth, planning, connection, affordability.  Ensuring a shared understanding of these issues and how individuals and groups can contribute is useful in our ongoing conversation about our region’s future.

Learn something

  • Find out about the results of the 3 Questions Survey
  • Hear inspiring stories of community-led initiatives that create more of what we love about our communities (Community Spotlight videos)
  • Hear the responses of our community leaders to the issues of growth that were raised in the 3 Questions survey (Community Future videos)
  • Find out how long term planning works in the district and how you can get involved

Say something

  • Ask questions of community leaders
  • Bring an idea for a project or initiative you have
  • Talk about the work of your organisation in our community

Do something

  • Get involved with an existing project or initiative
  • Get help turning an idea into action
  • Contribute your ideas to the long term planning process

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